Tracker data can also be displayed through a Calendar layout in Tiki. This profile is a showcase of that feature configuration.

This page will be created:

preferences: feature_trackers: y feature_user_watches: y wikiplugin_split: y wikiplugin_tabs: y wikiplugin_trackerlist: y wikiplugin_trackerfilter: y instructions: Profile_Tracker_as_Calendar_page_09 objects: - type: tracker ref: trac_as_cal data: name: Tracker to show items thorugh a calendar description: Tracker Events to be shown through a Tiki Calendar default_status: open show: [ status, creation_date, modification_date, list_modification_date ] allow: [ comments, attachments ] - type: tracker_field ref: trac_as_cal_summary data: name: Summary tracker: $trac_as_cal type: text_field flags: [ searchable, public, list, mandatory, link ] order: 10 - type: tracker_field ref: trac_as_cal_priority data: name: Priority tracker: $trac_as_cal type: dropdown options: 5 (high),4,3,2,1 (low) flags: [ searchable, public, list ] order: 20 - type: tracker_field ref: trac_as_cal_description data: name: Description tracker: $trac_as_cal type: text_area options: 1 flags: [ public, mandatory ] order: 30 - type: tracker_field ref: trac_as_cal_start_date data: name: Start date tracker: $trac_as_cal type: datetime options: dt,2012,2013 flags: [ searchable, public, list ] order: 40 - type: tracker_field ref: trac_as_cal_end_date data: name: End date tracker: $trac_as_cal type: datetime options: dt,2012,2013 flags: [ searchable, public, list ] order: 50

Sample data

objects: - type: tracker_item ref: event_001 data: tracker: $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal status: open values: - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_summary, Sample upcoming event item ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_start_date, 1453059200 ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_end_date, 1453069200 ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_priority, 3 ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_description, "This item was created as part of the sample data for Tracker_as_Calendar." ] - type: tracker_item ref: event_002 data: tracker: $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal status: pending values: - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_summary, This is another interesting event ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_start_date, 1343664000 ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_end_date, 1343769200 ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_priority, 2 ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_description, "This will soon happen" ] - type: tracker_item ref: event_003 data: tracker: $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal status: closed values: - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_summary, A really awesome past event ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_start_date, 1341244800 ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_end_date, 1341246800 ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_priority, 5 ] - [ $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal_description, "This event already happened and that's why it's closed." ]


objects: - type: module ref: module_last_modif_tracker_items data: name: last_modif_tracker_items groups: [ Anonymous, Registered ] position: right order: 5 params: trackerId: $Tracker_as_Calendar_09:trac_as_cal name: Summary - type: module ref: module_last_tracker_comments data: name: last_tracker_comments groups: [ Anonymous, Registered ] position: right order: 9

Add a page to allow adding items and display them in a calendar view

This will include: Profile_Tracker_as_Calendar_page_09

instructions: Tracker_as_Calendar_09 preferences: enable: [ feature_wiki ] objects: - type: wiki_page ref: trac_as_cal_page data: name: Tracker_as_Calendar_09 description: Upcoming events based on a tracker lang: en content: wikicontent:Profile_Tracker_as_Calendar_page_09

Plugin to embed events information (from tracker items) in pages

objects: - type: plugin_alias data: name: event implementation: trackerlist description: name: Event Embed description: Displays an event's information inside a wiki page prefs: [ feature_trackers ] params: id: name: ID description: Event ID matching the tracker item ID required: true filter: digits body: input: ignore params: trackerId: $trac_as_cal fields: $profileobject:trac_as_cal_summary$:$profileobject:trac_as_cal_description$:$profileobject:trac_as_cal_start_date$:$profileobject:trac_as_cal_priority$ showlinks: "y" showstatus: "y" status: opc max: 1 showlastmodif: "n" showfieldname: "n" itemId: pattern: %id% params: id: default: 0