This profile helps you set up a web service consumed by Tiki through a movie database tracker: whenever you add a new item (movie record), you will be able to add extra information from that movie fetched by a web service from the omdb database.


permissions: { } preferences: feature_trackers: 'y' feature_webservices: 'y' feature_wiki_argvariable: 'y' trackerfield_webservice: 'y' wikiplugin_webservice: 'y' objects: - type: tracker ref: trk_webservice data: name: 'Tiki Films' description: '' restrict_end: '0' form_classes: '' restrict_start: '0' - type: tracker_field ref: trk_webservice_filmOmdbapiCom data: name: 'omdbapi.com' permname: filmOmdbapiCom tracker: '$profileobject:trk_webservice$' options: service: omdbapiid template: omdbapiid params: id=%Id% type: webservice order: '0' visby: { } editby: { } flags: - list - public - type: tracker_field ref: trk_webservice_filmId data: name: Id permname: filmId tracker: '$profileobject:trk_webservice$' options: samerow: 1 type: text_field order: '10' visby: { } editby: { } flags: - link - list - public - mandatory - type: tracker_option ref: trk_webservice_sort_default_field data: tracker: '$profileobject:trk_webservice$' name: sort_default_field value: modification - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_homepage_webservice_test data: name: 'webservice test' content: 'wikicontent:webservice test' wysiwyg: 'n' - type: wiki_page ref: wiki_homepage_webservice_instructions data: name: 'Profile Webservice Instructions' content: 'wikicontent:Profile Webservice Instructions' wysiwyg: 'n' - type: wiki_page ref: webservice_wiki_menupage_include data: name: Menu description: Wiki menu lang: en mode: create_or_update content: 'wikicontent:Webservice_wiki_menupage_include'


objects: - type: module ref: module_menupage_webservice data: name: menupage params: pagemenu: '$profileobject:webservice_wiki_menupage_include$' groups: - Anonymous - Registered order: 1 position: left

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