Contact form

  1. ease the task to the site admin to create a custom contact form adapted to the specific case of that site. New fields can be added asking questions specific for the site.
  2. allow the site admin to reply to those messages through this website itself (Tiki12+).

A contact us form is one of the most obvious uses of trackers in Tiki. They are very simple, and yet they take many steps to configure. This profile will enable the tracker feature and create a basic "contact us" form to which you will be able to add additional fields.

Custom_Contact_Form Profile

Create the database

preferences: feature_trackers: y wikiplugin_mail: y wikiplugin_group: y wikiplugin_trackerlist: y instructions: Instructions objects: - type: tracker ref: contact_us_12x_form data: name: Contact us description: Contact us form default_status: open show: [ status, creation_date, modification_date, list_modification_date ] allow: [ comments ] - type: tracker_field ref: contact_us_12x_summary data: name: Summary tracker: $contact_us_12x_form type: text_field flags: [ searchable, public, list, mandatory, link ] order: 10 - type: tracker_field ref: contact_us_12x_name data: name: Your name tracker: $contact_us_12x_form type: text_field flags: [ searchable, public, list ] order: 20 - type: tracker_field ref: contact_us_12x_email data: name: Your email tracker: $contact_us_12x_form type: email flags: [ searchable, public, list ] order: 30 - type: tracker_field ref: contact_us_12x_message data: name: Your message tracker: $contact_us_12x_form type: text_area flags: [ searchable, public ] order: 40

Add the wiki pages

2 pages found for title search 'custom_contact_form_12x'

2 pages found for title search 'Contact_us_12x'

preferences: enable: [ feature_wiki ] objects: - type: wiki_page ref: contact_us_12x_form_wiki_page data: name: Contact us description: Contact us page lang: en content: wikicontent:Contact_us_12x - type: wiki_page ref: contact_us_12x_reply_wiki_page data: name: Reply description: Page to reply to anonymous visitors who contacted us leaving their email lang: en content: wikicontent:Contact_us_12x_Reply - type: wiki_page ref: custom_contact_form_12x_instructions_include data: name: Instructions description: Profile Instructions lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:Custom_Contact_Form_12x_Instructions


permissions: Admins: allow: [ admin_trackers ] Anonymous: allow: [ view ] objects: - type: tracker id: $contact_us_12x_form allow: [ create_tracker_items ]


  • visitor should receive a copy of the email (optional)
  • Sender email needs to be set (could be using interactive)