This profile adds a module in the top zone that displays a random image from a File Gallery. You can change some default values before you apply this profile in your site, but we suggest you to keep the values provided by default to see a working example as expected of this profile:
  • default configuration uses images at 800x150px, resized at 980px wide by the header module to fit in the 990px default configuration for the fixed site width
  • a different random image is shown at each page load
  • it uses elFinder modern file galery manager (with drag & drop capabilities!) by default
  • you can tweak the module and file gallery defaults as needed for your needs also through the admin wizard or admin panels, after the profile has been applied

Random Header Images
Random Header Images Profile

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Features (Quick List)

  • Random header image from files included in a file gallery

Features & Settings (YAML)

instructions: Instructions for the Random Header Images preferences: style: $profilerequest:style$gradiant.css$ feature_sitelogo: $profilerequest:feature_sitelogo$n$ feature_fixed_width: $profilerequest:feature_fixed_width$y$ layout_fixed_width: $profilerequest:layout_fixed_width$990px$ fgal_elfinder_feature: $profilerequest:fgal_elfinder_feature$y$ fgal_default_view: $profilerequest:fgal_default_view$finder$ feature_iepngfix: y # prevents major ugliness in IE6 header_custom_css: wikicontent:Random_header_images_Custom_CSS feature_top_bar: y feature_file_galleries: y sitemycode_publish: y feature_layoutshadows: y feature_jquery: y fgal_fix_mime_type: y

User Interface (YAML)


objects: - type: module ref: module_header_pics data: name: Header Pictures position: top order: 2 groups: [ Anonymous, Registered ] mode: create_or_update params: notitle: y nobox: y custom: "{CENTER()}{img randomGalleryId="$profileobject:header_pictures_gallery_id$" stylebox="border" width="980"}{CENTER}" parse: y

Object Creation (YAML)

Wiki Pages

objects: - type: wiki_page ref: random_header_images_instructions_include data: name: Instructions for the Random Header Images description: Profile Instructions lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:Random_header_images_Instructions

objects: - type: file_gallery ref: header_pictures_gallery_id data: name: Header Pictures description: Images for the header at 800 x 150 px that will be resized to 980px in the header module owner: admin archives: 0 flags: [ public, visible, lockable ] column: [ icon, name, created, creator, files ] init_files: - https://tiki.org/display505 - https://tiki.org/display507 - https://tiki.org/display508 - https://tiki.org/display509 - https://tiki.org/display510 - https://tiki.org/display511

Header images are derived from the ones taken by Jean-Marc Libs (jyhem) in Barcelona during the TikiFestBarcelona2 in 2010.

Groups & Permissions (YAML)

Name Description
Anonymous Anonymous users can read blog posts and add comments
Registered Standard registered users
Editors Can upload new images to file galleries

permissions: Anonymous: allow: - download_files - list_file_galleries - view_file_gallery description: Already exists Editors: description: Can approve & delete allow: - view_fgal_explorer - view_fgal_path - upload_files - upload_picture - admin_file_galleries - clean_cache include: Registered

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