This profile allows to display a sticky note (a "post-it") in your tiki site:
  • You can move it to another location
  • You can customize the contents and which groups of users will see it (by default, only to Admins)
  • It will be shown for each user of that group until manually closed
    • If your domain includes a subdirectory in the path, you might get the post-it displayed again at each page reload regardless of user choice, until the admin removes it from the admin panels

See also Custom Code HowTo - Post-It Notes in doc.tiki.org.

Post-it Sticky Note
Post-it Sticky Note Profile

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Features (Quick List)

  • Custom code
  • Custom js

Features & Settings (YAML)

instructions: Instructions for the Post-it Sticky Note preferences: feature_custom_html_head_content: wikicontent:Post-it_Sticky_Note_Custom_Code_15 header_custom_js: wikicontent:Post-it_Sticky_Note_Custom_js

Object Creation (YAML)

Wiki Pages

objects: - type: wiki_page ref: post-it_sticky_note_instructions_include data: name: Instructions for the Post-it Sticky Note description: Profile Instructions lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:Post-it_Sticky_Note_Instructions

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