Revision Approval (ISO9001)

Configuration profile that showcases the handling of document revision approval for ISO9001 quality certification systems.

preferences: feature_categories: y feature_community_mouseover: y feature_group_watches: y feature_messages: y feature_mytiki: y feature_search: y feature_syntax_highlighter: y feature_syntax_highlighter_theme: default feature_user_watches: y feature_wiki_categorize_structure: y feature_wiki_make_structure: y feature_wiki_print: y feature_wiki_multiprint: y feature_wiki_open_as_structure: y feature_wiki_structure: y flaggedrev_approval: y flaggedrev_approval_categories: [ $categ_revision_app, $categ_revision_app_urgent ] feature_wiki_argvariable: y search_default_where: [, wiki page] unified_identifier_fields: [language, gallery_id, searchable, view_permission, primary_image, geo_located, geo_location, title_initial, url, object_type, object_id, addongroup, addonleadergroup, addonpendinggroup] user_show_realnames: y users_prefs_show_mouseover_user_info: y users_prefs_user_information: public wiki_auto_toc: y wiki_edit_icons_toggle: y wikiplugin_quote: y wikiplugin_tabs: y wikiplugin_split: y instructions: Profile_ISO9001_instructions


objects: - type: category ref: categ_revision_app data: name: Under Revision Approval description: Base category used to get revision approval on its wiki pages items: - [ wiki_page, $iso9001_instructions_page ] - type: category ref: categ_revision_app_urgent data: name: Under URGENT Revision Approval parent: $categ_revision_app items: - [ wiki_page, $iso9001_official_doc_page ] - type: category ref: another_category data: name: Category Foo (out of revision approval) description: Another category used to out of the revision approval system


Breadcrumb for easier navigation
objects: - type: module ref: module_breadcrumb data: position: left order: 2 name: breadcrumb groups: [ Anonymous ]


Create a group "Group_revisors" which has permission to approve revisions. Group registered can't approve revisions, but just edit content and create new versions, pending approval.

permissions: Anonymous: allow: - view Registered: description: Standard registered users to the site, that are not allowed to approve revisions allow: - view - edit - edit_categorized - upload_files - upload_picture - wiki_view_history - wiki_view_source - wiki_view_latest - modify_object_categories include: [ Anonymous ] Group_revisors: description: Members of the organization allowed to revise documents of the ISO9001 system allow: - wiki_view_latest - wiki_approve include: [ Registered ]


Add a user to the group Members
objects: - type: user data: name: user1 pass: user1 email: user1@example.com change: n groups: [ Registered ] - type: user data: name: revisor1 pass: revisor1 email: revisor1@example.com change: n groups: [ Group_revisors ]

Wiki pages

This will include:

instructions: ISO9001 instructions preferences: enable: [ feature_wiki ] objects: - type: wiki_page ref: iso9001_instructions_page data: name: ISO9001 instructions description: The instructions about the ISO9001 implementation lang: en content: wikicontent:Profile_ISO9001_instructions - type: wiki_page ref: iso9001_official_doc_page data: name: Official document description: Some sample official document that requries revision approval lang: en content: wikicontent:Profile_ISO9001_official_document

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ISO9001 | Revision Approval | RevisionApproval