Adds a simple wiki page on a side module, using the Module menupage, showing the button to start co-writing with TogetherJS (formerly known as TowTruck). It includes this page: Together_menupage. Since Tiki15 the general preference to warn on edition conflict is not disabled anymore globally on the tiki site.

Module assignation

objects: - type: module ref: module_menupage data: name: menupage position: right groups: [ Anonymous, Registered ] order: 2 params: pagemenu: $together_menupage_include

Wiki Page for the Menu

This will add the plugin twotruck in the page, so that the button is shown and usable for any tiki feature that supports TogetherJS.

objects: - type: wiki_page ref: together_menupage_include data: name: TogetherButton description: Shows button to start cowriting with TogetherJS lang: en mode: create_or_update content: wikicontent:Together_menupage

Features enabled

instructions: TogetherButton preferences: wikiplugin_together: y wikiplugin_img: y wikiplugin_div: y wikiplugininline_together: y wikiplugininline_div: y wikiplugininline_img: y ajax_autosave: n feature_syntax_highlighter_theme: n

Former name for the feature: "TowTruck"