Sticky Topbar

This will erase any code in your Custom JavaScript preference on the Look and Feel Control Panel.
Make a backup of that before running this profile.

preferences: header_custom_js: | (function(window,undefined){ // Duplicate topbar, rename to topbar-clone, re-inject somewhere in the page $('#topbar').clone() .attr("id","topbar-clone") .insertAfter('#topbar'); // Place on top of page but hidden at first $('#topbar-clone').css({ position: 'fixed', top: '0px', width: 'inherit', display: 'none', 'z-index': 3 }); // Get and store default display style for topbar $topbar_display = $('#topbar').css('display'); $(window).on("scroll", function () { if ($(window).scrollTop() > $('#topbar').offset().top) { // If topbar scrolls out of the visible page, display topbar-clone $('#topbar-clone').css('display', $topbar_display).css('width',$('#topbar').width()); } else { // If topbar is visible, hide topbar-clone $('#topbar-clone').css('display','none'); } }); })(window);

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