To create a map

  • Click on Maps
  • Go to right spot (the search engine can help)
  • Zoom to the right level
  • Click on the top-right button "Map"
    • Click "Create New"

Share code

  • This is like a password

Joining a map via share code

  • If more than one user use the same share code, they are both working on a common map.
    • The two users can agree to enter the same share code
    • or one user can e-mail the other the share URL (which contains the share code). The recipient can then "join map"
  • If you want to make a map public for duplication, but not possible to join, add "&nojoin" to the URL, before the #

Duplicate Map via share code

  • If a user emails the share code to another, the recipient can then duplicate the map (which is different than joining)