Unfinished work. Alfa state.

Playground with survey/questionnaire data collected through tracker forms, and displayed as survey results. You can apply the profile "Voting System" just after the R_demo profile has been applied, so that the tracker for Voting has id 2, and you will have the tracker created for you to have this example working with minimum extra clicks (until this test13 profile page is properly implemented). The fields numbered (so far only hardcoded here) as f_9, f_10 and f_11, are a few fields from the voting, that hold choices of people for a few positions in the association that does run the theoretical voting process.

Fetch data using TrackerList to fetch data (parse body param needed)


Display dummy data using a Barplot (parse body param needed)


Fetch data using ajax services and display using sjPlot

(parse body param is NOT needed in this case, since data is fetched form custom url via web services). You need to grant anonymous perms to export tracker data from that specific tracker.

 Plugin disabled
Plugin rr cannot be executed.