This "GeoCMS Maps" Profile provides a quick setup to use geolocation capabilities in many Tiki features, that can be shown in customisable maps.

You are provided with a simple navigation module at the top bar to display partial content (by tiki feature), or all geolocated content together in a map. In addition, different map parameters are predefined to let you have quick different look and feels in them.

1.1. Tiki Features

These Tiki features are enabled, and included some demo content with geolocation details:
  • Wiki pages, Tracker items, Blog posts, and articles.

1.2. Further configuration steps


  • If you use Tiki version 20.1 or higher, you can use some extra background maps. Some of them require that you have an api key:
    • nextzen (vector tiles),
    • bing maps (which include satellite images, among other tilesets).

    More information in the Maps control panel

1.3. How to use it....

Browse geolocated content through the menu shown in the top bar module.

See further details on the parameters used in the documentation:

Last, but not least, remember that you can extend this profile!:

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