This is a (work-in-progress) instructions page from https://profiles.tiki.org/Wildcard_items

What it will end up looking like


1.2. Edit some item at the 'Projects tracker'

1.2.1. Add wildcard tasks

There are some items created in the projects tracker, to get you started more easily. Edit one of items, and review the second tab where the project tasks are shown. Select some with wildcard in the Project ID (pID) column.

Button "Update" should convert those into project tasks linked to that project you are editing.

1.2.2. Add new tasks

When editing a project (an item in the projects trakcer), you can also add brand new tasks from there.

1.3. Manage users

This profile creates several users for you, adding them to the corresponding groups.
user password default email group task
tm1 12345 tm1 at example.com TeamMembers One person of the Team Member group
tm2 12345 tm2 at example.com TeamMembers, ProjectManagers Another person of the Team Member group, which is also member of the Project Managers group.

1.4. More information

You can read more about this plugin at:
Related: https://doc.tiki.org/Wildcard+items

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