1. Categories:
    • This profile creates 3 categories, with two of them serving the purpose to indicate which pages need revision approval by users with special perms.
      See tiki-admin_categories.php
  2. Users and groups:
    • Those users are the ones in "Group_revisors", which is also created by the profile installer, and granted the permission to approve revisions pending approval. This permission has been removed from simple Registered users. User revisor1 is created and added to this Group_revisors (use revisor1 for both username and password to login).
      See tiki-admingroups.php
    • The profile also creates the user named user1, which is a standard plain registered user in the site, so that you can log in with that user to make changes to the homepage that will require revision approval by revisors (use user1 for both username and password)
      See tiki-adminusers.php
  3. Pages
    Pages set under revision approval (they have been categorized to some of the categories that require revision approval of its contents...).

  1. As user admin, approve the current initial version of the Official document.
  2. Log out as admin and log in as user1.
  3. Log out as user1 and log in as revisor1.
  4. Log out as revisor1, and log in again as user admin.
    • Go to the Official document, to see its "History" of editions, and view the version before the last one. You should see something analogous to the image shown.
Example of a somewhat similar edition history:

Enjoy! And Feel free to improve the instructions from this profile or the feature documentation itself.