How to Manage this Profile

Now that you have successfully installed this profile, what's next. As you know, this profile was designed to give you a good foundation, it is now up to you to think of how you will grow your intranet and how your employee's will interact.

Wondering what to do next?

Profile Introduction

This profile is designed to help you quickly setup a Company Intranet to be used internally by your staff.

Active Features


The Wiki feature in this profile is used as a way to keep your company information up do date. It can also be used as a powerful collaboration tool. If this is something you want to do, please visit Tiki Documentation


The Forum has been setup as a support forum. If you need to create other forums with special permissions, please visit Tiki Documentation


The Calendar feature in Tiki is very flexible and can become a very powerful feature in your collaborative community project. To learn how to create new Calendars and setup various permissions and options please visit Tiki Documentation

File Galleries

In this profile, File Galleries are used in order to store Images that may be displayed in some of your Wiki Pages. The File Galleries feature has the power to accomplish much more since it is designed to be a full File Management feature. To learn more, please visit Tiki Documentation

Trackers (Company Directory)

Trackers are a powerful database & form building tool similar to Access. In this profile, we used Trackers to build a Company Directory tool. There are many things you can build using Trackers. To learn more, please visit Tiki Documentation

Groups & Permissions

The groups and permissions for this profile have been setup to emulate a private Company Intranet where only employee's can view information and managers have the write to edit. .

Tiki is built to be very flexible for Groups and Permissions, if your intranet needs more fine grained permissions or private area's, you can easily create them with Tiki. Please visit Tiki Documentation to learn more.


Anonymous visitors do not have access to your site.


Registered members get full read permissions and can use the Support Forum.


Editors can create & modify content.


Admins are in charge of the maintenance of the site. They have access to create new Tracker, Calendars and Forums as well as manage users.