General Information

This profile Activity_Stream allows to easily setup the basic settings to enable social network activity streams in Tiki.



To change activity stream settings visit Settings > Control Panels > Community > Social Interaction

Demo scenario

A team collaboration todo list. For that it's used a tracker named 'Team Task Tracker' where users create/edit task items (tracker items). Every time a user interacts with the list, a new activity action is recorded and displayed in the activity streams (if allowed).

Bellow is a demo of the activity stream :

 Plugin disabled
Plugin activitystream cannot be executed.

On the left side it should be also visible a "Last user activities" custom module that lists the last user interactions (same as the above).

Review Activity

You can use PluginPivotTable to dynamically make some tables or charts to review the activity informaction.

Example of Table:
 Plugin disabled
Plugin pivottable cannot be executed.

Example of Chart:
 Plugin disabled
Plugin pivottable cannot be executed.


Activity Stream