Instructions about this "Easy GeoBlog" Profile:
  1. Remember that anonymous users only see the right column...

    Easy GeoBlog
    Only the right column is shown to anonymous users

    ... but you (as the blog author) will see a few modules on the left column when logged in, as you are now that you have just applied the profile.
  2. You can set the blog as the homepage for your site. To do so, you have to:
    1. Visit Admin home > blogs, and set you "Home Blog (main blog)" to "My Personal GeoBlog" (or whatever other name you gave it to the blog created).
    2. Visit "Admin home > General > Navigation (tab)" and set "Use Tiki feature as homepage": "Blog:My Personal GeoBlog".
      Leave "Use Tiki feature as homepage" as disabled (unchecked).
  3. For some reason, the profile installer doesn't seem to be able to activate comments on the blog. Therefore, you'd better check that the feature is activated:
    • Visit the "Blog List and click at edit your blog "My Personal GeoBlog" (Image ).
    • Enable "Allow comments", and if you wish, "Allow search" also.
  4. Anonymous users can provide feedback to your blog posts by writing the antibot captcha code just next to their comments
  5. Comments moderation is enabled by default. This allows you to review comments and manually approve or reject them, while still having the option to ban and remove many of them at once if you ever happen to suffer from spam.
  6. You can also subscribe to get notified when new comments are posted, through "Admin submenu > Mail Notifications" > Event: A comment in a blog page is posted or edited.
  7. You can set the Action log to record the users actions related to blogs and comments:
    1. Visit the Action log and enable the recording and viewing for all actions related to comments and blogs (or whatever else you wish tiki to record).
    2. You will be able to make reports on the actions performed between some time frames, filtering by users, features, etc.
  8. Users can contact you by the tiki-contact.php form. however, this form is very simple, and user tend to forget to add their contact details so that they can get your feedback to their comments. To improve this situation, you can add the optional extra profile Contact Form , which will remind users to add thir emails if they want to get feeback on thir comments.

Last, but not least, remember that you can extend this profile!: