This is the page for the documentation of this profile, and is designed to be shown just after the profile is successfully installed. This profile is not usable yet, but still on wishlist

This Learning_Center profile is intended to work using the new Workspaces feature implemented in Tiki4 core code. It's being designed for educational scenarios. The first case would be a workspace class with 1 teacher and many students.

Once this profile has been installed, you can browse departments and courses through the drop down options in the right column, while listing only in the hierarchical menu underneath the categories of objects related to that perspective, and appropriate objects under the "Since your last visit" box.

To Do
  1. find a way to make it easy to create new departments and courses from the homepage for the administrator
  2. — edit the sample data and categories A and B into department A, Course A1, Course A2, ... department B, Course B1, Course B2, ...-- done
  3. how can new departments be created from a wiki page?
    look at the http://profiles.tiki.org/Project_Management profile edited by lph.
  4. make it more similar to the Moodle interface for course creation
  5. ?

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