Welcome to Tiki GroupMail

Here's what the profile did:

  • Enabled lots of features
  • Made a new "Help Team" group that your GroupMail operators will need to be members of
  • Made Trackers for extra user and group info (and attached them to the Help Team group
  • Made a Tracker called "GroupMail Tickets" to store mails that are being processed
  • Added the Groupmail page with Cypht wiki plugin enabled for groupmail usage
  • Shown you this page (which you can delete when you're finished with it)

Here are a few extra configurations that profiles can't manage yet:

  • You need to set up your webmail account, adding one imap and one smtp server - here
    • Some documentation on Tiki GroupMail can be found here and on Webmail, here

Some preferences you should change manually

  • Please activate Search engine friendly URL (feature_sefurl): We don't do this automatically in the profile because it could break some Tikis, as this can be server-dependent.

Usage tips

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