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Profile Developer Documentation

Once you are using and creating profiles, here is how to develop/improve the profile system itself. For example, to add support for additional features.

Profiles are a unified textual representation of Tiki configuration. These pages document the various elements currently supported. The implementation is still under development and subject to changes. Some concepts apply globally and some are specific to content types. Handlers define the content type specific properties.

For an explanation on how to apply profiles, see Administration Interface. See Custom Repository for how to create profiles on sites other than profiles.tiki.org.


Basic Syntax

These syntax elements are the base of profiles. They explain how to set preferences, handle permissions and how objects relate to each other.

Currently Supported Handlers

These pages explain the data structures used in the profiles to manipulate the different content types used inside Tiki.

Code for all handlers:

Profile Requests

For many of the fields in these handlers, a profile request can be used to allow user input for the handler. A simple example of this is found on the Group Handler page, under the Create a group from user input section.

This section outlines how to use this function when creating a group, but it can also be used when naming an article, blog, tracker, etc.

The profile request is also used in more complex situations. For example, the profile request can be used in the content of a wiki page within a plugin. See below.

{MEMBERLIST(groups=$profilerequest:groupname$Default name$)}{MEMBERLIST}


Some YAML helper


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