Profile Webservice Instructions

This profile helps you set up a web service consumed by Tiki through a movie database tracker: whenever you add a new item (movie record), you will be able to add extra information from that movie fetched by a web service from the omdb database.

1.1. Tiki Features

These Tiki features are enabled:
  • Wiki pages, Tracker items and web services.

1.2. Further configuration steps

Get one API Key for omdbb

Register here:

And get one API Key for omdbb.

Add Web service

You need to setup your webservices here:

Add this information:
  • url: http://www.omdbapi.com/?apikey=XXXXXXXX&i=%id% (replacae XXXXXXXX with your own omdb apikey)
  • Type: REST
  • Body of POST request:
    (leave this previous box empty)
And click at | Lookup | button.

Then test the parameters defined. You can test with:
  • id: tt0042650
  • Bypass cache (X) (leave it checked)

And click at | Test Input | button

This will produce some results a the "Response Information" box, in json format. And they should contain a section with 1 [record]

Then you can register this web service by means of:
  1. providing this short alphanumeric name for it: omdbapiid (since it's the predefined web service name expected by wiki pages created by this tiki profile), and
  2. click at the | Register Service | button

Once the web service is registered, then you can register a webservice template, providing this information in the form at the bottom of that page:
  • Name: omdbapiid (template name needs to be short and only with alphanumeric characters)
  • Engine: Smarty
  • Output: HTML
  • (Text area field):
    <pre style="display:none">{$response|var_dump}</pre>
    Title: {$response.Title}<br>
    Year: {$response.Year}<br>

And click at | Register Template | button.

Last, you will need to rebuild the unified search index again:

1.3. How to use it....

Add a new tracker item in the Films database, and provide the omdb id for the new film you want to fetch information for.
For instance:
  • tt0493459
  • tt0042650
  • tt0055905

The tracker item created in Tiki will have the extra information provided by the api service.

See further details on the parameters used in the documentation:

Last, but not least, remember that you can extend this profile!:

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